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Masters Research in Data Science


To test the variety of probes under development, we need to initiate the robotically assisted surgery/probe insertion. This will require mechanical design skills, including familiarity with 3D printing and CAD tools to rapidly prototype fixtures to be used in conjunction with the surgery robot. We will collaborate with the lab of Dan O’Connor in the school of medicine as well as other faculty.

Required Skills

Students interested should be proficient in CAD, 3D printing, and fabrication skills, as well as have interest in surgery on rodents to implement the devices.

Masters Research in Surgical Robotics


In collaboration with Adam Charles: Chronic recording of cells presumes the ability to track changes in the neural response of the same population of cells across long timescales, including through learning, adaptation, development, etc. State-of-the-art high-density probes enable unparalleled access to large populations of cells, however, their use in chronic recording depends on robust and accurate tracking of individual cells across sessions. We propose a project that aims to develop the data science methods that will enable such robust tracking via a framework that mixes geometrical and neural inferences to identify where cells are relative to a probe and what those cells are doing. The methods will hinge on a combination of signal processing and optimization techniques.

Required Skills

Students interested should be proficient in either Python, Julia, C++, or MATLAB.

Graduate Students

Students in the lab come from a variety of backgrounds an departments, such as Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, XDBio, Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Direct admits and rotation students are both welcome.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are welcome to reach out to discuss possible ways to participate in lab research. Some projects may require a multiple semester commitment.

The Harris Lab is located at both the Homewood Campus and East Baltimore Campus. The hardware lab is located in Clark Hall and the rodent surgeries are located in Traylor.

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