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We are interested in improving upon the Neuropixel recording system, from its implantation to data analysis.

Current Projects

Development of Small High-Capacity Probes

Robotic Implantation of Probes

We are creating custom fixtures and improving upon robotic-assisted surgery to implant high shank counts reliably.

One thread includes generating mappings between individual MRI and CT rodent to the corresponding rodent atlas to assist with implantation.

Data Analysis of Large Neural Data

Data science/software data analysis to digest and optimize the information available from these previously unavailable very large neural data sets

We are currently developing an extension to improve neural clustering algorithms, e.g. Kilosort. This extension improves upon the common pitfalls of existing algorithms, such as drift, splitting of neural signals, and burst detection.

In addition to the work above, we partner with Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience professors to investigate brain-wide circuits and single neurons using Neuropixels for high-density and high-temporal resolution recordings of neural activity.

Joint Projects


Disrupted neural activity in disease models

Altered brain-wide synchrony and activity during exposure to psychedelics


Carlos Brody Princeton University, Neuroscience

Adam Charles Johns Hopkins University, Biomedical Engineering

Austin Graves Johns Hopkins University, Biomedical Engineering

Patricia Janak Johns Hopkins University, Neuroscience

Daniel O'Connor Johns Hopkins University, Neuroscience

Zachary Cordner Johns Hopkins University, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Kellie Tamashiro Johns Hopkins University, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

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